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Manchester, the present. Michael divides his time between the job center and the pub. A chance meeting with Lee, an introduction to her ‘Uncle’ Ian, and a heavy night on the lash lead to a job working the door at a Northern Quarter massage parlour.

After witnessing the violent death of one of the ‘punts’, Michael experiences blood-drenched flashbacks and feels himself being sucked into a twilight world that he doesn’t understand but that is irresistibly attractive. When he eventually finds out what goes on in the room below Cloud 9, Michael’s life will never be the same again.

“Habit: blend of family drama and neon Clive Barker grue that makes excellent use of its Manchester setting”. Jonathan Hatfull, Sci-Fi Now


"It’s almost a British answer to From Dusk Till Dawn, and it pulls the rug with equal relish”. Quay News

"Habit is more than just a straightforward horror movie - it is about the search to belong in a world where 'normal' is impossible to define, and what must be compromised in the process of finding your own happiness...." Revue-avenue

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Elliot Langridge (Northern Soul, The war below)

Jessica Barden (End of the F***ing World, Pieces of her)

William Ash (The Rising, Hush)

Roxanne Carrion (Emmerdale)

Joanne Mitchell (Bait, Before Dawn)


Written & Directed by: 

Simeon Halligan


Adapted from the cult novel by Stephen McGeagh


Produced by:

Rachel Richardson–Jones, Nick Leese , Sarada McDermott

"It’s horror, its crime, it’s a portrait of urban decay and seedy subcultures." This is Horror

"An exploration of trauma and addiction through a lense of shocking Clive Barker-esque violence...a horrific triumph." Popcorn Digest

"Modern noir, blood and neon drenched; angry, 

loveless, raging against everything". Gary Mc'Mahon, Author

“A raw slice of urban menace as immediate as a dangerous night out on the town. In the vivid language of the streets it invokes the paranoid spirit of the city. It’s as harsh and clear as neon, and it rings alarmingly true. Be warned – this is not comfortable fiction. Perhaps there’s no escape.” Ramsey Campbell

“A wonderful series of twists, turns and surprises that are performed as beautifully as they are shot.....”. Quay News


“Simeon Halligan’s Habit is a neo-noir horror-thriller set in Manchester. It’s dripping with atmosphere (and blood), while also having some great character moments. Halligan pitches it as Loach meets Argento – and that’s all you need to know." Movies in Focus

HABIT won best screenplay and best feature at the NEW YORK CITY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL 2017.

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