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PAST LIFE - Poster idea 1- Langridge copy.jpg

Comps: SEVEN meets MEMENTO

Logline: Cynical Jason, doesn't believe in reincarnation until hypnosis reveals that he may have been a serial killer in his PAST LIFE.

Now he must explore the secrets locked in his mind to solve the mystery from before he was born, while unwittingly reawakening a psychopath's killer tendencies.

Feature film


Written by: Dean Lines & Ray Bogdanovich


Director:  Simeon Halligan


Producers: Rachel Richardson Jones & Michael Laundon

Jason, a journalist traumatised by his time in the middle east, is dragged to a party by his pregnant wife Claira. A celebrity Hypnotist is making party guests experience their glamorous past lives. Sceptical Jason thinks it's all a con, until Tim, the hypnotist, takes Jason under with a click of his fingers, and he experiences the world through the eyes of a 1980s serial killer. 


When he wakes, he is shocked by what he saw and can’t shake the horrific images from his head. Claira suggests he go back to Tim for help, but Tim must take him under again, if he is to try and wipe the visions from Jason's brain. 


Jason witnesses more horrific details of the murder and upon waking, leaves in a state of high anxiety before Tim can complete his task. Now Jason is obsessed and research reveals that there was indeed an unsolved murder the year he was born. Jason connects with retired journalist, Elliot Reed, whose archive suggests that it was the work of a serial killer. 

Jason returns to Tim, persuading him that they should work together to use hypnosis to explore Jason's PAST LIFE and revisit each murder, in a search for clues. 


Evidence finally points to one person, Sebastian Drake, a retired university lecturer, who knew all of the victims. Jason is convinced Drake is the killer but Tim points out that Drake is still alive! If Drake is Jason’s PAST LIFE, then he would have had to die before Jason was born, back in 1985. 


Nothing adds up and Claira becomes convinced that Jason is having a mental breakdown due to PTSD, she is desperate for him to focus on her and their imminent baby rather than his dark obsession with the past.


Jason begins to doubt his own mind until he discovers Tim’s murdered body and realises that their investigation 

has awoken a killer’s desires. Now he will have to use everything Tim has taught him about hypnosis in order 

to solve the conundrum and save his loved ones from a psychopath intent on covering their tracks.

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