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THE BESIEGED is a tense, horrifying monster-movie, set within the pressure-cooker confines of a bank-heist-gone-wrong. Think DOG DAY AFTERNOON meets THE THING.

Genre: Monster Movie

Written by: Paul Gerstenberger

Director: Simeon Halligan 

Producer: Rachel Richardson-Jones

MacGruger, a master-thief, executes the perfect bank robbery using hi-tech machinery and split-second timing. While the underground vault is being pillaged, terrified hostages are held upstairs, one of whom is Amy Harding, who has come to the bank to check out her grandfather’s safe deposit box.

Just when it seems MacGruger and his men are going to get clean away, the alarm is raised. In minutes, the police have surrounded the bank and trapped


MacGruger and his men inside with the hostages. If that’s not bad enough, it seems that they are not alone. Something unstoppably evil has been released from Amy’s safe deposit box and is now stalking the bank. Driven by an ancient craving for blood, it ferociously picks off the robbers and the
hostages one-by-one.


Working with Amy, MacGruger must try to defeat the beast, save the hostages and attempt a daring escape before the police storm the bank.

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