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Dearly Beheaded

JOHN COCKSLEDGE’s stag do is about to go very, very wrong! On route to a night of drunken merriment, John faces dissension in the group between Doug; John’s best man and Clive his geeky old school friend, who has known him longer than any of them. Then their mini bus veers off the road into a field, crashing into an exploding cow.


The driver is trapped and wounded inside the crumpled van and the gang are now stranded in the countryside with no communication with the outside world.

John and his friends soon discover the dead cow was not the result of the van impact but sniper fire and high explosives and they quickly run for cover!


Genre: Comedy Horror

Written by David Scullion
Directed by Simeon Halligan
Producers: Rachel Richardson-Jones & Charles Bates
Executive Producer: Nick Leese
Casting by Tracey Gillham

STATUS: Development

Download The Dearly Beheaded PDF

Blackly humorous and Laugh out loud funny

Events spiral out of control and soon they find themselves fighting for their lives against a group of psychotic gun toting, chainsaw wielding maniacs who will do anything to keep their arm’s dealing activities secret. Will anyone survive the bloody battle and will John get through the night and make it to the church on time despite his oldest friend’s incredible revelation?

Think THE HANGOVER meets DELIVERANCE but set in rural England.

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